December 15, 2005


Get. The. F. Out.

This season, America celebrates a holiday whose premise is that God himself came to Earth -- and was given the death penalty. Tookie Williams died at Midnight on the Feast Day for Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of God and patron saint of the Americas. How fitting that the GOP and the Religious Right lobbied for the execution -- and that Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Catholic whose church opposes the death penalty, made the final decision.

Celebrity executions, from Jesus to Tookie Williams, have whatever meaning human actions give them. And the meaning of Tookie's? That the Religious Right, that bastion of politicized pseudo-religion and hypocritical power-grabbing, pronounced its own spiritual death by shouting hosannahs for his execution -- as it has done for the anonymous dead before him.

No disrespect is intended by calling the Crucifixion a "celebrity execution." Quite the contrary -- the power and meaning of the Christ story as it was taught to me is just that: that God Himself would come to Earth anonymously and died despised and forgotten by all but a few, only to be redeemed on behalf of all. His celebrity came later, as a result of His sacrifice. The significance of the death lies in its affirmation of life, in the understanding of believers that it was an act of love -- love for life and the living.

This post, found at RWN, is just jawdropping. You have to be absolutely kidding that 1) this was written, and 2) the comments section is full of people who agree. And the last line...

Another Christmas is coming to the Americas, and another American is gone. If you pray, don't pray for him: pray for us.

Must...fight...urge to start swearing uncontrollably.

Tookie Williams was a murderer. He killed four people before my husband was even freaking born, and he's been wasting air ever since. He was a gangster and a thug, and I don't care how many dadburned children's books he wrote. He shot four people that we know of and laughed about it later. He never expressed regret for what he'd done, yet somehow he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. (Maybe Arafat will show Tookie his while they're both rotting in hell together.)

I clapped the day Timothy McVeigh was executed, and I clapped again Tuesday when Tookie was finally dead. Tookie may have "died despised and forgotten by all but a few", but he most certainly will not be redeemed, and should never be compared to Jesus.

The more I try to grok, the more I feel disgusted at mankind.

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1 While he might have changed in prison over that past few years (decades) The victims of his crime has not, so he is still entitled to his death. And I for one think that the world is a better place because scum like him is gone.

Posted by: dagamore at December 15, 2005 08:37 AM (7IZfE)

2 He didn't change in prison, he didn't repent. He wrote a book, the second book sold two copies, the first one about 500..not kidding. He never admitted guilt and he was defiant to the end. God will deal with him now. Tookie was guilty and tried to get out of the punishment, Jesus was innocent and welcomed it.

Posted by: Mr Bob at December 15, 2005 07:07 PM (yfyy+)

3 Sarah, I posted a comment over at my blog linking back to here. It never ceases to amaze me how deluded and stupid people on the left have become. At what point do they start grunting, swinging from trees and flinging crap at passers by.

Posted by: James Hudnall at December 16, 2005 01:35 AM (D2qx4)

4 did you clap when jesus died?

Posted by: jesus at December 19, 2005 05:04 PM (Gb7ho)

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