November 05, 2008


As if today could get any worse...

"Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton dies

I love Michael Crichton's work. His thoughts on horseshit remains one of my favorite arguments. The appendix to State of Fear is one of my husband's favorite writings. Airframe is a genius indictment of journalism. And I had hours of enjoyment and mental exercise listening to Next on my last car trip.

To this day, I have an irrational fear of velociraptors.

I would recommend any single one of his books. I am deeply saddened that he won't be around to write any more for us to enjoy.

What a loss.

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1 I adore Michael Crichton. I've read Timeline a dozen times and actually went out and bought books about quantum physics because of it. I have read nearly every one of his books up until i read State of Fear because something smelled fishy in the whole "i'm writing a fictional book but i have footnotes" set up. And as a Columbia U. educated entity - who has taken classes at the Earth Institute - I wanted to know what was really up, so I did some research. If you or anyone you knows thinks Crichton has anything worthwhile to say about anything in the real world where dinosaurs are not real and you cannot travel back in time, check out these sites and remember Crichton is a fiction writer and not the scientific geniuses/powerhouses that these people are: Here, this is where I had to cut out the link because it was marked as "questionable content" Let us be of open mind and generous spirit.

Posted by: Betty at November 10, 2008 12:37 AM (uvH8i)

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