April 27, 2010


Here's what I said yesterday only better: Jon Stewart Flunks His Spartacus Test
(And I don't think Stewart's bit was that bad...but the article has good parts.)

-- I'm back.  I feel like I should elaborate.  Stewart is right that Comedy Central pays the bills and has the right to censor whatever they like.  He's also right that the radical Muslims are the true enemy and can bleep themselves.  But...shouldn't we hold a bit of contempt for Comedy Central for caving?  Paying the bills or not, they took the cowardly route, and he kinda excused them.  He made the bigger point, but I can see where Jeffrey Lord thinks that the bigger I-am-Sparticus would have been for Jon Stewart to berate Comedy Central for not standing with Parker and Stone.

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Don’t look for principles and values from Jon Stewart.

Posted by: tim at April 27, 2010 03:25 PM (vb4Ci)

2 Agreed.  Stewart is a comic, not a journalist.  (Not that I expect any kind of integrity there, either.)

I think comedy central has every right to censor their station--they DO pay the bills.  Parker and Stone have every right to go John Galt, and move to a network, one that will allow them to express themselves more openly.

Do I think comedy central has a double standard?  Absolutely. (Remember Merry F'ing Christmas?)  What are their options?  Cave, and let the cartoonists do what they want, or censor.  What are the results of each?  If they cave, either Islamic Rage Boy kills someone, or multiple someones, or they don't.  If they censor, Islamic Rage Boy is appeased, nobody dies. 
CS was in a lose-lose, and I don't think it's worth pissing off half the muslim world (ask Salman Rushdie about that) over a cartoon.  Had CS not caved, it'd be a tempest in a teacup for certain, but they'd have garnered nowhere near the same amount of publicity as they have for censoring it.  They took a lose-lose and turned it into a win-lose-win.

Posted by: C huck at April 27, 2010 09:44 PM (bMH2g)

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