December 11, 2004


I've watched a lot of South Park in the last year, which has affected my vocabulary. I chuckled when I read this article the other day about the word dude because Stan Marsh is the reason dude is in my vocabulary. Now whenever something surprises me, I hear myself say in my head, "Holy crap, dude."

I got an email today that I thought was a hoax. So I checked it out, and it appears to be legit. Ben Stein wrote me an email.

Ben Stein, people. Wrote to me. Holy crap, dude.

God bless you and good luck with your blog. I hope it makes you happy.

And your husband is a star....

Love, Ben

Dang. I wish I had said more about how cool Ben Stein is when I wrote one sentence about him the other day. Just in case he ever comes back here, I want him to know that my husband and I used to watch Win Ben Stein's Money all the time and stare in awe at how many questions he could answer. (We were also thrilled to hear his voice in the "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" episode of Family Guy.)

But more than any excitement we have at watching him intellectually clobber people, I have enjoyed discovering his writing. I first read How Can Someone Who Lives in Insane Luxury Be a Star in Today's World? back in July, and then noted with glee that Stein had written in the comments section in response to a soldier's letter. Then the other day I ran across We Shall Overcome. I never thought Ben Stein would find the time to write to me.

If he reads this, I'd like him to know that I really admire and respect him. And that I consider it an enormous honor that he took the time to email me.

Holy crap, dude.


    And read Col. DenmanÂ’s Luger too! Man, you all know how awful this week has been for me. Well, now I feel like Fry: "I'm walkin' on sunshine, woah-oh-oh!"

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    1 Heh. Cool, dude!

    Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 11, 2004 06:08 AM (+S1Ft)

    2 Sarah - that is so sweet. I'm just happy to hear it gave you a major boost for the week. You needed it!! Hmmm. Wonder how Ben came onto you?

    Posted by: Toni at December 11, 2004 09:14 AM (TmVUL)

    3 Sarah - you are truly A STAR! Wow. How cool. I have always loved Ben Stein - especially when I see him on TV talking about how little our soldiers get paid. It irritates me everytime Congress gives THEMSELVES a raise - those raises should be going to our soldiers and Ben is the first one to say so. So now that you're all chummy with Ben - tell him 'hi' from New Jersey and thanks for being the voice of reason.

    Posted by: Kathleen a at December 11, 2004 10:14 AM (vnAYT)

    4 He's a good man, I'm so glad he came along to brighten your week. Timing is everything, eh?

    Posted by: Tink at December 12, 2004 01:06 AM (S6VXg)

    5 Stein called me a few years ago in response to a letter I wrote him -- just a note to tell him how much I liked his column in AmSpec. He's a class act.

    Posted by: Eric Johnson at December 17, 2004 01:33 AM (84Org)

    6 Because a person retains lots of knowledge, does not necessarily make him smart. Ben Stein, however, is smart enough to go where the money is and has convinced the likes of Richard Nixon, he was one of his speech writers, that he is a standup Republican. Don't kid yourself, this character talks out of both sides of his mouth and in the best tradition of Republican's ignores everything but the money, that is why he supports things like WalMart and Sinclair Broadcasting, because they pay the freight and he panders to them. Be advised, he probably will say anything about under paid soldiers, he certainly isn't going to run for Congress or Senate to improve their situation, nor is he going to really push to make sure they get paid more, he just whines about it knowing you want to hear it with no intention to do anything. he wants you to blame someone else for the fact they aren't paid. Well now that the Republicans have the majority in both houses and the presidency, watch and see what actually happens. Currently veteran's benefits are being slashed, V.A. hospitals are being closed, and lots of platitudes are coming from the Republican's along with lots of back slapping and medal hand out photo ops, little else. All as effective as Ben Stein's clap trap about our poor soldiers not getting paid. Wake up and smell the coffee, these people will take advantage of anything that makes them look good at the expense of others, including their Republican buds who are failing to stop the blood shed in Iraq of both the Iraqi people and our own soldiers.

    Posted by: Steve at January 09, 2005 12:13 PM (JV9Ez)

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