May 10, 2004


Went to the gym and cleaned the entire upstairs, including a much-needed thorough job on the two bathrooms, all before lunch. I rule.

Another thing that's much needed: humor.

DO stick to your principles while still considering what the other person says.
DON'T pile drive the other person into a folding table when you find a topic you vehemently disagree on. Though it would be cool, it's just not civil.

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1 Go check out FrankJ's rules of civil discourse from last week. HILARIOUS! =*) (Sorry, don't know how to link.) Also, VDH has an editorial in today's OpinionJournal. Two bathrooms? I'm jealous!

Posted by: MargeinMI at May 10, 2004 08:19 AM (93OnM)

2 When I first read the post, I thought, what are you doing cleaning the gym's two bathrooms? Do you rule the gym too? Or is that what you meant? I assume you meant you went to the gym and then went home and cleaned the bathrooms there.

Posted by: Amritas at May 10, 2004 11:24 AM (BeaMw)

3 OK, now I'm totally confused. Which is it Sarah, do you have two bathrooms in your house, (in which case I'm jealous 'cause I have only one to share, not necessarily that I'm jealous that I want two to clean) or is it two bathrooms at the gym that you had to clean (I'm assuming if so that you get a break on your membership or something for helping out, or that you are a OCD neat freak that seeks help)? If it's the prior, it's a waste since you're living there yourself and have your choice. Not getting down on you for unclear writing, just wishing I could take care of business without someone else urgently knocking on the door (10 seconds after I close it). ;-( I know....TMI. Sorry. Still love your socks. I can only knit square things.

Posted by: MargeinMI at May 10, 2004 07:10 PM (sDKSN)

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