January 19, 2010


A Conversation Among the Writers of 24

Hey, I know, how 'bout we make yet another boss at CTU who never listens to Jack Bauer, the man who's saved the world seven times already?

Can there also be people working for CTU who are moles, or who have really sketchy backgrounds that would never pass a security clearance?

Of course.  Who else would work for counterterrorism?

Oooh, and let's make more cops, government workers, and people who've never heard of Jack Bauer, the man who's saved the world seven times.

Yeah, and we can let an angry white cop beat him senseless until his nerdy Asian partner saves Bauer and helps him.

And we'll create an imaginary Islamic Republic, the leader of which is a liberal's dream: wants to give up his country's nuclear ambitions and negotiate a two-state solution.  The real bad guy can be some sort of white man, preferably a corporation.

But Jack Bauer can kill a man with an ax and his friend can take a buzzsaw to a Russian's wrist.


And Sarah will still watch?  Even though she's really freaking tired of all these unrealistic bad guys?

Um...helloooo, I said "kill a man with an ax."  In the first hour.

You're right; she's in.

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