May 30, 2004


I was just cleaning out my husband's email account, and I found a spam that said "$100 worth of FREE GAS for [husband's name]". No thanks. Since he's fighting in the war, I assume we'll get in on the ground floor of the blood-for-oil deals...

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May 14, 2004


I've gotten lots of questions about my geek stuff, so here's some explanation.

10. LDS

No, I'm not Mormon. But I had some friends who are Mormon growing up, and I went to several functions at their church, as well as visiting Nauvoo and Carthage. I also did my term paper senior year of high school on Joseph Smith, so I know a whole lot about LDS for not being Mormon.

9. Alias

In itself not geeky, but seeing as I watched the entire first two seasons (42 hours of it) in two weeks is really, really geeky.

8. statistics (the fun stuff like the Monty Hall problem or the Birthday problem)

This predates my current book choices (How to Lie With Statistics and How We Know What Isn't So); my old roommate was a stats grad student and would wow me with stats problems. I can't wait to take stats when it's offered here on post.

7. Yukio Mishima

Found him through the short story "Patriotism" and was absolutely floored by that story. Read two of his biographies in one weekend. Amritas is right; the author is more interesting than his novels, but I own all of them.

6. Armyspeak

I read the Army Officer's Handbook from cover to cover and have tried very hard to learn everything there is to know: MOSs, Army alphabet, vehicle identification, etc.

5. Swedish language

My husband always teases me: "You chose to learn a language that only 9 million people speak, and all of them speak English?"

4. rap music

In itself not geeky, but pretty odd for a white girl college prof to have been to a Snoop Dogg concert.

3. Chief Illiniwek

I really got into this debate at the University of Illinois and have read every transcript and article about the issue.

2. knitting

I finished a project last night during the first 45 minutes of Rocky, and it was really hard for me to sit through the rest of the movie without knitting something.

1. the Karate Kid Trilogy

I know everything about these movies.

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On the way to work today I found a balm for my frustration with the world: Tenacious D.

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May 13, 2004


John Hawkins had me in stitches:
If The Media Treated Basketball Games Like They Treat The War On Terror

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May 10, 2004


Went to the gym and cleaned the entire upstairs, including a much-needed thorough job on the two bathrooms, all before lunch. I rule.

Another thing that's much needed: humor.

DO stick to your principles while still considering what the other person says.
DON'T pile drive the other person into a folding table when you find a topic you vehemently disagree on. Though it would be cool, it's just not civil.

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May 08, 2004


Yes, I know this feeling:


It's the feeling I get every time I encounter an idiotarian.

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May 05, 2004


As an ESL teacher, I love when a non-native speaker incorrectly uses an English expression. These instances can range from lewd to cute, but they're always good excuses for language learning and laughter.

Today a German man who works in my building came in our office and was asking my co-worker about baby lotion. He asked me about it, and I told him that I don't know anything about babies. He responded, "I don't either, but my sister just came down with one. Wait, that's not the expression..." Hysterical. Indeed, after eating dinner last week with my neighbors' three year old, one year old, ten month old, and six month old, I would not be too content if I came down with a child right now either!

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May 02, 2004


Apparently Muslims in California are mad that Gov. Schwarzenegger is on a trip to Israel. Here's what one has to say:

“It’s his prerogative to visit, but he should be fair to all races and religions,” said Mohammed Abdullah, 46, a Palestinian-American who works as a butcher in Anaheim.

That's mighty funny, considering Islam is most certainly not fair in terms of race or religion. I'm filing this one under "Humor".

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