October 29, 2008


Lileks writes on Dean Barnett's death. As only Lileks can write.

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1 I'm sorry to say that I never noticed Dean Barnett until you mentioned his passing. I had seen his name before in "CITIZEN OF THE WORLD," but that doesn't count. http://tryingtogrok.mu.nu/archives/269450.html Speaking of seeing, Lileks wrote: You know what’s odd? I have no idea what he looked like. I have an idea, but it’s probably wrong. We can say that about a lot of our imaginary friends. It's funny, so many of us could walk past each other on the street, utterly unaware that we were on the same side in more ways than one. I've been thinking recently that I once had no idea what you looked like, but now I feel as if I've always known. In the blogosphere voices matter more than looks: Again with the saccharine notion of the afterlife with the clouds and the wings and the harp: Dean walks up behind people and shouts “CHOWDAH,” and we know right away who it is. Lileks' column could have stopped there, but it didn't. Right now I'm trying to remember where I saw the Ennis House. Some movie I caught on cable in the early 90s, I think. How does the suspended pipe organ player get down? If I don't like what he's playing, can I deny him the use of my ladder? I happen to own the comic Lileks featured yesterday: http://www.lileks.com/institute/funny/08/112.html I got all six parts of the Star Wars adaptation back in 1977. There were no DVDs in those days. I even bought four of the post-movie issues ("Beyond the movie! "Beyond the galaxy!"). You can see them all here: http://comics.org/covers.lasso?SeriesID=2406 Writer Roy Thomas had to find ways to mark time before the sequel. So he teamed Han Solo with ... a green rabbit: http://comics.org/coverview.lasso?id=31977&zoom=4 http://comics.org/coverview.lasso?id=32065&zoom=4

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