May 01, 2009


My husband is definitely not a blogger.  He reads Abu Muqawama, so I was excited that Andrew Exum was at the conference.  After the final panel, I excitedly asked if he'd like to go talk to him.  My husband shrugged and said, "Nah, it's no big deal."

Definitely not a blogger.

I asked my husband on the way home what he thought of the conference.  He said it was interesting.  I asked him what he thought of the content as a non-blogger, because I think that's an element that's rarely addressed in our discussion.  Are milblogs relevant?  Asking bloggers is going to elicit a different response than asking non-bloggers.  We touched on this during last year's conference, when one non-blogger audience member suggested that maybe blogging was not the highest priority for the chain of command.  That stuck with me; those who aren't completely sucked in to the world of blogging don't see the same level of importance as we do.

But it's hard for my husband to really have an opinion right now.  Even if he had the desire to blog, the job that he has now is absolutely not bloggable.  All of the interesting stuff he does is opsec, and the stuff that bloggers can write about, the non-opsec stuff, is less interesting to him.  It doesn't float his boat to read milblogs because his life is a milblog.  So he comes at the whole thing from a completely different angle than the rest of us, which I find interesting.  Someone who has no internal push to put his every thought online is always going to look at this activity differently.

But still I think he should've at least said hi to Exum.

(I will say that I impressed the heck out of him by getting a big hug and smile from Bill Roggio.  To him, Roggio is big-time, and the fact that Mr. Big-Time was all excited to see his wife, well, he thought that was pretty cool.)

(He also came home still oblivious to the fact that people wanted to meet him.  I had tried to explain that some people have been reading about him for about five years, but I don't think it sunk in until we were home.  Then he said, "Maybe I should've been more charming."  Sigh.  I told you no one would describe him as nice.)

I still want to write about the content of the conference...someday.

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