October 29, 2008


Blue Collar Muse has posted an excerpt from Atlas Shrugged. I have been telling myself to pull the beautiful copy that Amritas bought me from the shelf and read it again. The excerpt -- Socialism's Lying Promise -- may just prompt me to do that. But I fear it will only succeed in depressing me even further.

I also clicked through to Blue Collar Muse's old post entitled Conservatives Shrugged. I understand this struggle, this desire to shrug, and identify with the dilemma of just wanting to win so we don't have to suffer through Dems vs wanting an actual candidate who's worth a damn.

(As usual, thanks to Amritas for the links. He's been on fire lately.)

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1 I found that to be a very interesting article. Something has always bugged me about McCain and I haven't been able to put my finger on it and I finally think I've got it. Its the whole electability thing. Back when the Republican primaries were heating up I thought McCain was the least compelling choice out of all the options. I didn't understand how Conservatives would want that guy as their figurehead. I mean, Romney stood for something, so did Huckabee. McCain seems to go which ever way the wind blows. The whole Palin thing spoke to the same "electability" concept (they got a black guy? Get us a woman pronto!). I think one of the reasons Obama has caught on in the public eye is that he has an agenda that is his own - you may not like it, but its refreshing to see someone put forth something you can agree or disagree with. I felt Romney and Huckabee were doing the same thing. Clinton didn't do it (she pandered like crazy) and lost because of it. I would think that McCain is struggling because he's still telling people what he thinks they want to hear. George W certainly put his own platform out there- it was polarizing and that's why it worked.

Posted by: Sarah's Pinko Commie Friend at October 29, 2008 10:07 AM (n5dnp)

2 I have heard self-identified Conservatives and Libertarians claim they may either not vote, or actually vote for Obama, just to usher in the period of Liberal control that they feel will cause us all to turn to the right. To me, that is a poor argument to abuse your vote, and it isn't really the same situation as 'shrugging'.

Posted by: Barb at October 31, 2008 04:25 AM (T4MbB)

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