March 22, 2007


Yes yes yes. Instapundit just led me to the perfect book:
How to Raise an American: 1776 Fun and Easy Tools, Tips, and Activities to Help Your Child Love This Country

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It's interesting what happens when people actually realize that the global warming issue isn't one-sided:

Before the start of the nearly two hour debate the audience polled 57.3% to 29.9% in favor of believing that Global Warming was a “crisis”, but following the debate the numbers completely flipped to 46.2% to 42.2% in favor of the skeptical point of view.

via Hud, who always has the good links

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March 12, 2007


Your cry of the day, via Argghh: Beyond the River Kwai

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March 11, 2007


You can't imagine how disappointed and frustrated I feel after hearing what happened to AirForceWife: Another Reason Not to Trust the Media

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March 05, 2007


You should go check out this photo slideshow of ugly endangered animals. It was a very interesting commentary on the conservation movement. Plus, I think that jerboa is kinda cute. But what do I know; I'm a girl who hates dolphins.

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This should get your mouth watered up for Lileks today:

Beware people who regard the distinctions between public and private as a mere legality, and one based on subjective viewpoint at that. In the end, they can define anything private as public, which gives them the right to take it away. And if you lose something you own, well, “loss” is a subjective concept as well that does not match real life. Or at least the real life you can understand if you have a whole new mind.

And if that doesn't make you want to click the link, this will:

It’s a safe bet that people who use the words “empowered,” “community” and “meaningful” in close proximity do not produce anything you can hold in your hands.

It isn't quite Notes from the Olive Garden, but it's definitely good squishy.

And here comes the heart attack, because I just tried to link to the Olive Garden screed and found that it is gone. Panic sets in. Lilek's main page says the screeds will be reposted in 03/07. Whew. OK, I suppose I can give him some time to rearrange.

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March 04, 2007


Found this via SciencePunk:


Yeah, I didn't get it either until I went to the original website, and now I can't stop thinking that this is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Romantic Math is awesome.

Oh, and I totally want this clock.

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March 03, 2007


The new Victor Davis Hanson: Anatomy of Iraq. Excerpt:

There were numerous reasons to remove Saddam — 23, according to the Congress that authorized the war — but the administration privileged just one, the sensible fear of weapons of mass destruction. That was legitimate and understandable, and would prove effective so long as either a postwar weapons-trove turned up or the war and its aftermath finished without a hitch.

Unfortunately neither proved to be the case. So with that prime rationale discredited, the partisan Congress suddenly reinvented itself in protesting that it had really voted for war on only one cause, not 23. And when the news and evidence both went bad, that lone reason was now pronounced null and void and hardly a basis for war.

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March 02, 2007


Anyone in Texas want to adopt two truly beautful dogs?
(No, Erin, not you. You already have four.)

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