May 15, 2009


Want to have a heart attack about what's in our future?  Check out McQ's charts (via CG).

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May 12, 2009


Via Conservative Grapevine:

Melissa Clouthier's Poor, Poor Put-Upon Moderates

This is the problem right now. Being a Republican means nothing. Well, according to the Left and the disgruntled moderates, it means closed-mindedness. What is especially galling is that moderates continue to attack what they say is their own side when it’s impossible to differentiate them from the Left.

Fred Barnes' Be the Party of No

Improving the party's image is a worthy cause, but it isn't what Republicans ought to be emphasizing right now. They have a more important mission: to be the party of no. And not just a party that bucks Obama and Democrats on easy issues like releasing Gitmo terrorists in this country, but one committed to aggressive, attention-grabbing opposition to the entire Obama agenda.

Mark Steyn's Climb

Consider this cooing profile of Secretary Powell from Todd Purdum in the New York Times back in 2002: “Mr. Powell’s approach to almost all issues — foreign or domestic — is pragmatic and nonideological. He is internationalist, multilateralist and moderate. He has supported abortion rights and affirmative action.”

So supporting “internationalism,” “multilateralism,” abortion, and racial quotas means you’re “moderate” and “nonideological”? And anyone who feels differently is an extreme ideologue?

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May 07, 2009


Looks like I'm not the only one who's annoyed about granting the Democrats their premises...

(Via CG) Dr. Melissa Clouthier asks who owns the Republican brand:

I’ve got bad news: The opposition owns the Republican brand. Oh yes, they do. Democrats define Republicans and the Republicans accept the definition by operating from their false premises.

How do I know Republicans are owned by the Left? Because the Republican message is consistently negative and defensive: "I’m not mean." "We don’t believe that." "I’m not extremist like them". And by them, Republicans are defining themselves against the press-Obama-grassroots caricature of Republicans. In doing so, the Republicans with a national voice diminish their own party.

The Republicans will never be strong until they stop operating from a defensive position.

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