January 26, 2006


Well, it's already time to take mom back to the airport. I can't believe how little it feels like you can do in 15 days!

Lileks is right to be upset that newspapers change certain quotes to avoid "giving offense to readers". What kind of garbage is that? If someone said "Chocolate City", then by golly you print it so everyone can decide for themselves. You don't edit it out so people can't be offended. What is wrong with these people?

I read Joel Stein's op-ed on why he doesn't support the troops. A lot of people on the Right apparently are bashing this guy, but I give him two thumbs up. Say what you really think. If you're against the war and against the military, then I'm pleased you don't put a yellow ribbon on your car. Good for Joel for speaking the truth even when it sounds crass; more people should adopt this behavior.

And lastly, a funny quote from John Hawkins:

After all, why would a normal man want to go see this film? Men don't even want to go see relationship movies that feature men and women, so why would they want to see a movie about two gay cowboys hopping in the saddle together?

Maybe if the gay cowboys were secretly ninjas sworn to avenge their masters or kill crazy ex-seals out to stop a team of Al-Qaeda terrorists from blowing up school buses full of kids, it might be a movie that could appeal to most guys -- assuming they didn't get all touchy-feely and start grabbing each other like the Hobbits did at the end of "Return of the King."

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January 24, 2006


I'm still busy running around with my mama...and battling our radiators: we've had DPW (maintenance) to our house twice already this week and scheduled for today and tomorrow too. For some reason, the house just doesn't want to warm above 60 degrees.

But here are some links:

Want To Cut Down On Abortions? Make Them Illegal (via RWN)
Why Hollywood Loves Johnny Cash—and not Merle Haggard (via Cold Fury)

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January 06, 2006


Beth sent me a link to 2005: The Year In Military Heroism, which includes our good buddy Red6. Incidentally, Red6 returns to Iraq next week, this time deployed with his wife. I look forward to hearing new tales of armor geddon.

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