January 24, 2009


Two great quotes this week from Big Hollywood.

Ari David:

I despair that Americans, concerned with the economy above all issues, chose socialist solutions to address their fiscal concerns.

Doug TenNapel:

To conserve implies that something important is being lost that is worth holding on to. ItÂ’s also why we arenÂ’t terribly interested in future utopias, new forms we can evolve into, we donÂ’t dream a lot because there can be no hope for the future if the true things of the past are rejected or forgotten. So something must be conserved for there to be conservatism.

What we seek to conserve are not buildings, environments or kingdoms, but the true things the great men of old discovered. Notice, I didnÂ’t say these things were invented, because our values werenÂ’t invented, they were discovered, revealed and learned.

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January 13, 2009


The Fellowship of the Biscuit Ring

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'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years
No excerpt needed.

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