July 02, 2009


More on Afghanistan from Michael Yon. Note:

And the term PRT, though accurate in Iraq, should be changed to “PCT” (Provincial COnstruction Team) in Afghanistan. The Provincial REconstruction Teams in Iraq are far different. The term “reconstruction” in Iraq is generally correct, but it’s usually a misnomer in Afghanistan and confuses people at home by implying there was something here to reconstruct.

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1 Oh our Obama, we actually agree with Michael Yon! It is Omerica's duty to construct in Afghanistan, to build where there was nothing before, to give selflessly to our Muslim brothers and sisters in the greatest redistribution project in humyn history. It is not fair that infidels in Omerica get to enjoy all this wealth. Most of those riches must be shared with Afghanistan ... Iraq, victim of the biggest crime of all time ... Africa ... the entire Third World! Work, Omericans, work ... never rest until every Afghan can read the Holy Qur'ān at your expense!

Stop being selfish about your money ... and your land. Open your borders. Let the entire world in. There's more than enough room for a billion people! Or two. Why deprive them of the great government of the One?  handOuts for all!

Just imagine the vvvvibrant diversity that will result when sharī`ah and gay marriage attempt to coexist in Vermontistan! We feel thrills going up our legs!

Posted by: kevin at July 05, 2009 05:58 AM (7burq)

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