February 04, 2005


-- When, when, WHEN is Viagra "medically necessary"? I honestly can't figure it out. Medicare is now going to pay for Viagra only when it's necessary, but when in the heck is that? Please explain it to me, because I can't quite figure it out.

-- The German economy is the worst it's been since Hitler came to power. Heh, just wait until troop realignment!

-- Janeane Garofalo was disgusted that Republicans wore blue ink to the State of the Union. Naturally, she managed to compare them to Nazis. How can a show of solidarity like that be disgusting? Yale students did the same, and I would've done it too if I had thought of it. I think it's a wonderful display of support. What a grumpy old bitch Garofalo is.

-- And my favorite news bit from today: U.S. General Says It Is 'Fun to Shoot Some People'. Always a touchy subject to bring up, but you've read Red 6's blog; true soldiers love battle. My husband said once that getting his soldiers to go on regular missions is like pulling teeth, but offer them the slight chance that they might get into a fight and they're immediately all business. Many bloggers have said that the hardest thing about war is not enjoying killing, but no one has quite voiced this truth like LTG Mattis. And who could be easier to kill than the people who oppress and abuse women, force the handicapped into suicide bomb vests, and behead prisoners? It's not hard to dehumanize this enemy.

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1 I think that Janeane Garofalo must be a seriously depressed woman, and she used to be so funny. I really liked her characters in movies, always the smart and funny chick. I haven't seen her in any movies lately...she has a Michael-Moore-like obsession to bring Bush down...but that animosity is so ugly to so many people. The bitterness is alienating many people. I can remember that even Jon Stewart was shocked when she came on his show last summer and declared that a vote for Bush would be indication of a character flaw. I think Stewart found her amusing, and liked the controversy, but he really didn't quite know what to say to that.

Posted by: calivalleygirl at February 04, 2005 05:20 AM (1+lJb)

2 I don't know, but it just seems to me that using Viagra is like corking the bat.

Posted by: SSG Pooh at February 04, 2005 03:04 PM (fqvpi)

3 Even we peace-time soldiers (especially we peace-time soldiers who attend liberal ivy league universities) know some thoughts ought to stay within the family. Not because they're necessarily immoral, wrong or evil, but because context matters.

Posted by: Eric at February 05, 2005 12:34 PM (D85c4)

4 The only references to Nazis are by the people at World Net Daily. You are being suckered by people trying to stir up a phony controversy.

Posted by: chopper at February 07, 2005 04:51 PM (3+not)

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