September 23, 2005


You're not alone, Charles. I too am outraged.
Hamas To Convert Synagogue to Weapons Museum

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1 That is really vile, the Palestinians who could some up with that are seriously demented. A synagogue is not longer considered a holy place once the Torah has been removed, but all the same, they clearly were trying for a symbolic act of sheer hate, and that is despicable. Do not click this link at work. Do not click this link if you have a weak stomach.Here's another seriously disgusting and outrageous site. It's a site with a collection of photos soldiers have taken of Iraqis they have killed, often with their heads blown off. The most disgusting part is the comments and attitudes there, things like a man lying in a pool of blood and guts has the soldier comment, "What every Iraqi should look like," or images of soldiers smiling and giving the thumbs up while standing over the body of a charred dead child. Certainly the many idiots who are posting those photos do not represent the mainstream of soldiers, but they do represent some of them, and they are a serious disgrace to their uniforms and to our country. Some of the pundits on the right keep saying that the war in Iraq is about fighting terror, and that being against the war is supporting terrorism. Those on the left keep saying that the war is creating more terrorist recruitment, and is counterproductive to the war on terror. I have to say that these idiots have done more to help the cause of terrorists than anything anyone on the left has ever done. Between this and Abu Ghraib, where the Administration is arguing that relasing more photos of the torture there would inflame the Muslim world and drive untold numbers to join al-Qaeda, it's pretty clear that our presence Iraq is helping the terrorist cause far more than it is hurting.

Posted by: VOT at September 27, 2005 12:23 AM (Z1Ipc)

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