August 01, 2009


Why I Oppose National Health Care:

I'm afraid that instead of Security Theater, we'll get Health Care Theater, where the government goes to elaborate lengths to convince us that we're getting the best possible health care, without actually providing it.

That's not just verbal theatrics. Agencies like Britain's NICE are a case in point. As long as people don't know that there are cancer treatments they're not getting, they're happy. Once they find out, satisfaction plunges. But the reason that people in Britain know about things like herceptin for early stage breast cancer is a robust private market in the US that experiments with this sort of thing.

So in the absence of a robust private US market, my assumption is that the government will focus on the apparent at the expense of the hard-to-measure. Innovation benefits future constituents who aren't voting now. Producing it is very expensive. On the other hand, cutting costs pleases voters this instant.

Clunkers Is ‘The More Urgent Priority’

A greater irony than the raid of Title XVII is the Clunker-bill provision that requires the destruction of traded-in cars, as I reported yesterday. The very people who want us to recycle plastic bags, glass bottles, and aluminum cans are now shredding finely engineered machinery that took enormous amounts of time, skill, and energy to create.

Live slogan-free or die!

"The Governor's Task Force for the Recruitment and Retention of a Young Workforce for the State of New Hampshire" stated in its official report: "Our State portrays an unfriendly message that every individual has to succeed on their own, rather than count on a support system for assistance (Live Free or Die is not a friendly, supporting message that appeals to young people)."

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1 Two words: Soylent Green. Or one number: 1984. But we can still fight it, thank goodness. I've been trying to get the message out however I can, and more people than I'd think are on the same wavelength. That gives me hope. :-)

Posted by: Krista at August 01, 2009 02:06 PM (sUTgZ)

2 If Live Free or Die doesn't appeal to those folks  I think they would get the don't tread on me slogan, in a very selfish way.

Posted by: Ruth H at August 01, 2009 06:52 PM (19vzx)

3 Really incredible that they called it NICE.

In the novel "The Hideous Strength," published circa 1950 by C S Lewis (a Brit), the primary source of evil is an organization of highly politicized scientists called NICE (National Institute for Coordinated Experimentation)

Literacy levels among PR people in the UK government must not be very high.

Posted by: david foster at August 01, 2009 07:38 PM (uWlpq)

4 "Nice, nice, very nice
So many people in the same device"
- Ambrosia

The same big government device!

I like McArdle's device, er, advice:

"If you worry about global warming, you should worry at least as hard about medical innovation."

How much of that comes from the big government device? Seriously?

Is this really the best way to get rid of old cars? It seems like such a waste.

Speaking of waste, how many people remember state slogans? I guess I never thought about state branding because Hawaii's identity is self-evident.

Posted by: Amritas at August 02, 2009 03:44 AM (h9KHg)


Posted by: kevin at August 02, 2009 03:44 AM (h9KHg)

6 McArdle names those who control the "device" (emphasis ours):

"These aren't just a way to save on health care; they're a way to extend and expand the cultural hegemony of wealthy white elites."

... our allies, er, we mean, our Europpressive enemies. They know whose lives matter:

"Once the government gets into the business of providing our health care, the government gets into the business of deciding whose life matters, and how much."

Alphas: a lot. Omegas: who cares? Immigrants, particularly the undocumented, will do work those Americans won't do (or can't do once they're gone). And you'll pay for their freeee health care! Enjoy.

Posted by: kevin at August 02, 2009 03:47 AM (h9KHg)

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