October 14, 2008


All my hiatus has done is remove the outlet for my thoughts; it hasn't slowed down the thought process or made me able to ignore the news. So I'm sitting here, itching to blog, and I realized that my moratorium is self-imposed and all I need to do to blog is just log in.

A few links for tonight:

A comment from Varifrank on Vodkapundit's post about the danger of a Democrat president plus a Democrat Congress:

Be careful “Benjamin”, if “comrade napoleon” discovers that you are causing dissent amongst all the animals here on the farm, he will deal with you as surely as he has dealt with “Boxer”.

Ok, now that the animal farm parable is out of the way, I can continue my response in the right context.

A question to all - How many of us already feel that its simply too dangerous to our homes to display a McCain/Palin sign on the front lawn or a bumper sticker on our car? How many of us dare not speak against “Comrade Napoleon” or his ilk while we are at work for fear of repercussions to our careers?

Ok, now which of us thinks that after the election is over that it will all suddenly become calm and business like with respect for all from those who are victorious against those of us who have lost?

Right. Just as I thought.

Also, a post at Cold Fury, suggesting that I oughtn't take that pledge to respect an Obama presidency. Interesting reading.

And I'm making my way through the comments at Dr. Helen's post about when it might be appropriate to "go John Galt."

Many commenters have started. God help us.

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1 You know how I feel about the current occupant of the White House. I give my respect NOT to the man, because that would not be possible for me, but to the OFFICE that he holds. If you can't do that... you have a problem if he wins, don't you? LAW

Posted by: liberal army wife at October 14, 2008 04:45 PM (rcqzY)

2 I was going to write a comment about how much I love your blogging, Sarah, but that I completely understand how walking away from it for a while can be a good thing. I think the trick is not to actually DECIDE not to blog. Just don't do it if you don't feel like it. That way there is no pressure to blog when you don't want to, and if you do feel like blogging you don't have to explain why you are breaking your self-imposed hiatus. But then I read liberal army wife's comment and couldn't resist -- please forgive me. I would have a real problem showing respect to a man who said our troops COULD NOT win in Iraq and who, if he had his way, would have pulled them out in defeat two years ago, and who cannot even to this day admit that he was wrong about the surge. What is there to respect? That the financial markets collapsed and made people forget about national security and so many of the issues I believe are of utmost importance, allowing him to regain his lead in the polls? Respect the fact that an inexperienced, arrogant man was able to bamboozle (his words) enough people into thinking he had ever done anything in his life besides game the Chicago machine and align himself with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and ACORN? Respect the man whose followers are doing everything they can to silence anyone who disagrees with him? Show me something to respect and I will respect it. I am not going to be saying or doing the horrible stuff those on the left have said and done to President Bush for the past eight years, but respect is something that is earned and in my mind convincing people to vote for someone they really know so little about falls way short of earning my respect.

Posted by: Lorie Byrd at October 14, 2008 07:02 PM (vBoqv)

3 Lorie -- Well, the goofy thing about LAW's comment is that the post I referenced was actually my pledge to respect the presidency, even if I can't respect the man. I already said that I can do that. So I don't really understand her snark anyway. But I rarely do... But Lorie, it's always good to hear from you.

Posted by: Sarah at October 15, 2008 02:15 AM (TWet1)

4 I am not going to be saying or doing the horrible stuff those on the left have said and done to President Bush for the past eight years That's such an excellent point. And it's something to consider because it's true for most people.

Posted by: airforcewife at October 15, 2008 03:10 AM (mIbWn)

5 Yes, reading comprehension is important...to some. Lorie's & AFW's comments hit the mark for me as did your previous posts, Sarah, regarding what happens once someone becomes President. I'll stop there. It's best for all if I do.

Posted by: Guard Wife at October 15, 2008 03:35 AM (eb8pN)

6 The question is why do you wish you knew how to quit? You are a great blogger, your thoughts get honed and become more precise as you blog. I think it is a great thing for you right now. Even though you are starting a job you will still have a great deal of alone time to think and blog. When you become a mother you will find it very easy to sit and rock instead of blog. But you will still have all your thoughts on what is going on. Right now we appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us.

Posted by: Ruth H at October 15, 2008 04:44 AM (wWMQq)

7 I just have to say that I was secretly hoping you'd break your hiatus & I'd see a new post... :-) Thanks! :-) But absolutely no pressure when there's nothing to blog about or no time to do it... sometimes a break is okay! :-) Right now, there's a TON of stuff I would love to get out of my head, and blogging is how I do that. But since our main PC is down, I'm having to just let these thoughts rattle around and then - ideally - run out my ears or something. I guess. Anyway, welcome back, and have a nice, no-pressure week! :-) Oh - and more on-topic, yeah, I've been afraid to openly display political signs, opinions, etc. for years now - and I'm in a state that generally agrees with me!

Posted by: kannie at October 15, 2008 06:16 AM (f+LJo)

8 I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU I hope you never know how. it hasn't slowed down the thought process or made me able to ignore the news. You can stop blogging, but you can't stop thinking. Share your thoughts whenever you're willing. You make me think, and that can only be a good thing.

Posted by: Amritas at October 15, 2008 07:55 AM (+nV09)

9 Muah-ha-ha-ha *evil laugh*...well, it's like the Godfather right? We just pull you right back in again, huh? Well, what I have to say about respecting the office not the man is this: if anyone is under the impression that merely by having Obama as president will win our respect in the world, they are sadly wrong. I have lived outside of the US during the presidencies of Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. and I always, always always had to defend the POTUS from their snide remarks. I defended Clinton glady, because he was an American, and I sure as $hit wasn't going to have some German or French person talking smack about him, while I never lashed my tongue out at Chirac or Schroeder like they did at Clinton and Bush. I respect the "sovereignty" of that office (meaning, once the guy gets there, he is there...and "it is what it is"). But I agree with Lorie Byrd about respect being earned. And so far, I don't find much to respect about Obama. My respect for McCain is rather limited as well: POW and his support for the surge even if it cost him the presidency. There are other things in his behavior and life that I find rather distasteful. I think both VP candidates do a much better job of garnering my respect than their presidential counterparts. And although I feel like I am living in Atlas Shrugged, I could never go totally John Galt, I just love America and working too much!

Posted by: CaliValleyGirl at October 15, 2008 09:36 AM (irIko)

10 God help us, indeed, if the system gets so far gone that enough people do a 'John Galt'. I hope we don't get that far. By the way - my husband has never read Atlas Shrugged. So this weekend, I made the comment about people doing a John Galt, and then had to explain the whole thing to him. He may never read it, but he got the concept immediately. He (we) just bought a business this year, and the financial situation has already had an impact on it. We have much to think about, but we're not going anywhere yet.

Posted by: Barb at October 15, 2008 11:03 AM (iaV9O)

11 Aside from the Bible, Atlas Shrugged is my favorite book.

Posted by: HomefrontSix at October 15, 2008 10:30 PM (4Es1w)

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