February 05, 2007


Mark Steyn: What's so hot about fickle science?

Joe's Global Warming Groundhog Day

Glenn Reynolds' thoughts on global warming

And make sure to check out Donald Sensing's very interesting post What if global warming is a good thing? The gist:

Folks my age and maybe a little younger can remember when the Environmental Apocaplypse was not global warming but global cooling. So let us suppose two things: first that global warming really is occurring and human attention to it can reverse it, and second, that we do reverse it. Are we then to agree that a cooler earth really is in our best interests? Why?

That's actually a very interesting question.

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1 Current temp. - 8 Deg's. Yup, love that Global Warming.

Posted by: tim at February 05, 2007 05:06 AM (nno0f)

2 Gonna have to agree with you on this.....Global warming just seems to be something else for people to complain about and blame America for....we use to many aerosols, we use too many fossil fuels, we waste our natural resources....if we fixed all that, they would pick another issue to find issue with us over.....If you listen to some scientists, they will tell you that their data says we are headed for another ice age, and the magnetic reversals are well on their way, signifying that we could enter an ice age within the matter of centuries....if you believe that data how does global warming figure in? Wouldn't you think it would mean the opposite? Maybe that is the NEW MATH hard at work....I don't know I liked when 2+2 actually equalled 4!

Posted by: HH6 at February 06, 2007 09:54 AM (Yo28E)

3 Today everybody is anxious about the global worming.

Posted by: Kliff at February 06, 2007 04:02 PM (pGt94)

4 Anyone who is considering the possibility starting a family in the near future should be very concerned with the CO2 emissions America is creating - we're talking worst than China here... yes, America has LOWER car standards than CHINA! Look it up.

Posted by: Will Somerset at February 07, 2007 11:22 AM (QRBGL)

5 the global cooling theory was primarily media hype, and no major scientific organizations supported the theory. the entire scientific community is in agreement about global warming. temporary weather conditions are not indicative of overall climate change unless studied as a whole over a period of hundreds to thousands of years. the recent cold front which moved across the US has nothing to do with the average temperature increase or the fallout which will happen over the next few years if we do not try to curb the warming trend. in this case it is extremely important to listen to scientists and climatologists, and not political pundits (of any party) who have ulterior motives for obscuring the truth. this is a human issue, a global issue. this is not a partisan issue. not that i have a strong opinion on this one or anything...

Posted by: Sis B at February 07, 2007 06:10 PM (gPOch)

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