September 13, 2008


Let's enjoy some liberal condescension, shall we? And fisking thereof.

First: Lileks from Wednesday, taking on a Canadian columnist.
Mark Hemingway taking on a NYT article about Palin's weird religion.

Hey media, feel free to keep stuff like this coming. It makes average Americans disgusted and happy to vote for the normal mom from Alaska who doesn't feed her kids brie for breakfast or fake a trip to Wendy's.

And by all means, keep helping Obama make fun of McCain for his war injuries. That plays really well too. Anything you can do to keep reminding people that John McCain gave so much for his country that he can't even brush his hair or type on a keyboard.

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1 I wonder which our men and women in uniform would rather follow into battle: 1) A community organizer 2) A girl

Posted by: Bob Wang at September 13, 2008 05:00 AM (RP4LT)

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