August 23, 2009


VDH: "The fault, dear Barack, is not in our stars, But in ourselves"

Andy McCarthy: Cash-for-clunkers: "No one anticipated ..."

Quote of the day via Mark Steyn:

At any rate, in order to “control costs” Obama says we need to introduce a new trillion-dollar government entitlement. It’s a good thing he’s the smartest president of all time and the greatest orator since Socrates because otherwise one might easily confuse him with some birdbrained Bush type.

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Very rarely do I disagree with VDH, but I dunn’o about the comparison between the Iraq War and government run health care.


While it may be true that “the Bush administration in response could not articulate what the aims in Iraq were, why they were worth the likely costs” I look at them as being two totally different situations for a variety of reasons that I really don’t fell like banging my keyboard about.


Let me just say that, using the comparison, that if Pres. Bush had used Pres. Obama’s tactics for the government take over of our health care system for the lead up to the Iraq War, Saddam would still be in power.


Another words, the reason why Pres. Obama is failing at pushing this thing through isn’t because of some lack of communication on his part, it’s because the American people, many of whom voted for him, KNOW it’s a bunch of crapola. No amount of sweet talk can cover the stench emanating from it.


Hell, they have the votes; they control the House, the Senate and the WH, if it’s such a great freakin’ idea why don’t they just pass it already? Makes ya’ wonder, no?


To hear then blame Republicans is laughable; the R’s couldn’t do anything to stop this if they wanted to. The Democrats are being silly, (as usual). What, do they need to control every seat in the Senate and the House before they could push through their legislation? If they are that weak when they are in control ya’ have to wonder whether they should have that control in the first place.

Posted by: tim at August 25, 2009 10:33 AM (nno0f)

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