February 09, 2008


I missed a day of Lileks, and it was a good one. Recommended reading: Thursday's Bleat, in which Lileks channels Hate America Firsters.

Nations are bad enough, but we’re something else: the only nation that has ever fought a war, acted in self-interest, had a good opinion of itself, permitted slavery, elected leaders who lacked a certain Olympian quality, had a popular culture that included simple catchy melodies and bright pictures, harbored racist attitudes, had a strong religious element, and contained a sizable amount of stupid people.

And scroll through the slogans. And be sad.
But enjoy #218. And laugh at #486.

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1 James is the husband of an attorney that I worked with... we met at a wedding, he's a blast. from the complete other end of the political scale, but a nice guy. he's funny! BUT, he and I agreed, Molly Ivins was funnier! It may have been the accent... LAW

Posted by: liberal army wife at February 09, 2008 02:34 PM (R+g0A)

2 I'm getting 486 made into a t-shirt. Totally. I might put it on my purse, too. And my beach towel.

Posted by: airforcewife at February 09, 2008 03:39 PM (mIbWn)

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