May 16, 2004


Jeremy Duncan is the poster boy for selfless service, not only to his country but also to his friends.

Jeremy Duncan returned from Iraq last June and will go back this August, but he will be giving new life here at home. He will be donating a kidney.

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This better not affect my husband.

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May 14, 2004


To the Swede who thought it was real funny to make the "America's Dumbest Soldiers" webpage:

Vad fan gör du? Har du ett hjärta eller är du bara en jävla kuk? Du ä så jävla feg, att du har använt en mexikansk adress. Jag skiter i dig. Du är inte värd besväret.

Help me out, Anders. I don't even know enough swear words to do this guy justice.

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This appears to be a very thorough webpage, with lots of links for future reference, on the War in Iraq. I haven't looked through it closely yet, but I plan to this weekend.

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My friend and I talked at length yesterday about eloquence. I found some examples this morning of things I wish I had said.

Via Hoystory:

Nope, don't blame the Islamofascists. Don't blame the terrorists. They're just innocent victims of American imperialism.

Just how out of whack does your brain have to be to ignore the guy holding the blood-stained knife in one hand and the severed head in the other?

via Feste:

On that dreadful day all Americans became the falling man and today we are Nick Berg.

John Kerry is on Imus at the moment and his opening remarks? He says we are crushed under the burden of healthcare and gas prices. No, Senator we are crushed under the WTC. Kerry continues to say he can shift the burden for the war in Iraq to others, remove the target from our backs, he is a fool.

Via the very angry Banagor:

O, Pardon! for I am "stigmatizing" with "hatred" a "great religion" and "culture"! Well then, show me this great religion and culture! Show me the fruits of this wonderful world which the Left defends so wholeheartedly!

I will show it to you: it is a tape, grainy but recognizable, in which the full glory of Islam is pronounced by the brutal sawing off of a man's head and proudly shown off to the world.

And the even angrier Emperor Misha:

We cannot make them stop hating us, for the very simple reason that hatred is all that they have to offer to this world.

Well, let them hate us then, but let us teach them also to fear us more than they fear anything else. Let us show them, forcefully, brutally and without mercy that there are no worse fates imaginable to man than to cross us, that their much vaunted "anger" is nothing but a slight expression of displeasure compared with what they have awoken in us.

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May 13, 2004


Tim's back up and running, and he has several wonderful posts today. Go read all of them.

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I relate very strongly to Michele's story:

Maybe their well will dry up some day. Maybe there will be less and less followers of Islam who view their religion as an excuse to murder and more of the kind who want peace and prosperity. Maybe they will kill themselves off in all their attempts to kill us. Maybe moderate Muslims will stand up and be heard and drive the terrorists out of their holes and into a hail of machine gun fire. Would I care about their deaths? Nope. Not at all. They aren't human. They are monsters. Die, monsters, die, as my son used to say in his sleep.

So my son, an eleven year old who already knows too much about the world, happened to see part of the video yesterday as he watched the news. He was devastated and horrified. He took Nick Berg's death very personally. We discussed the matter, discussed about terrorists, about good v. evil.

He asked can't we just drop a bomb and kill them all?

And I realized, as I explained to him the best I could why we cannot do such a thing, that what he said is absolutely an eleven year old way of dealing with things. We are not eleven. We are adults.

Ok, then how come I keep whispering die, monsters, die in my dreams?

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May 10, 2004


If Abu Ghriab were a dead horse, I would be beating it, but I wanted to point out something reader Oda Mae brought to my attention. Omar from Iraq the Model interviewed someone who used to work at Abu Ghraib.

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May 08, 2004


I'm very much against putting money in the pockets of Hollywood entertainment types who badmouth our country or our President. However, at the rate we're going, the only CDs I'll be able to own will be from Kid Rock and Toby Keith, and the only DVDs will be episodes of Frazier...

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