October 21, 2009


There's another pregnant Sara blogger, heh.  Congrats to her.

I started thinking about what advice I would give to another pregnant lady, and I decided to keep it generic: Listen to everyone's advice, but find your own path.

(Because I too like to invoke Chairman Mao while giving unsolicited advice.  In fact, I think he's who I turn to most for inappropriate quotes regarding pregnancy and/or graduation.)

But seriously.  An example:  Everyone I knew told me to buy under-the-belly maternity pants.  They're more modern, they have cuter styles, and they were "more comfortable."  So I did.  And they dug into me and annoyed the tar out of me.  I was always complaining about the elastic.  So one day last week, on a frustrated whim, I tried on a pair of the over-the-belly pants.  Holy cow, I was so much happier.  They don't dig in like the others.  Pants don't make me cry anymore, hooray!

I took everyone else's advice and it didn't work for me.  I'm just bummed it took me seven weeks of uncomfortable pants before I finally threw everyone else's fashion advice out the window.  I figured they knew better than I did, but it turns out they had just done what worked for them.  And apparently I am carrying way low and needed something different.

So listen to everyone and ask lots of questions, but then go with your gut.  If your gut says that you should be wearing grampa pants up to your armpits, then go for it!

And good luck.  The second trimester sucks too.

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1 Harumph.

My only advice for pregnant women:

You know the book "Everybody Poops?"

Unless you eat a lot of fruit and soft foods, you ain't everybody.

And for guys, the reason pregnant chicks are hot is because at some level, you know they put out.

Posted by: chuck at October 21, 2009 06:02 PM (bMH2g)

2 I'm 9 weeks along right now and am horribly, horribly nauseous almost all of the time. I'm in that weird stage where I don't fit maternity clothes or my regular clothes. And any pressure on my tummy makes my nausea worse. I'm either hanging out in the house in sack dresses or big honkin' maternity pants hidden under a baggy shirt. Anything to get through this phase....

LOLOLOLOL at Chuck's comment.

Posted by: Heather at October 21, 2009 07:41 PM (umwpW)


Oh don't worry about it, dear. :-) I don't think you'll be making the DBFHB list any time soon. And really in my case everyone does know more than I do. The only subject on which I am selectively open to advice is fitness. I trust my trainers and a doctor. Otherwise I'm clueless and just reading tons of books to catch up.

You're like me, so self aware.

And chuck's comment made me laugh (hoarsly) out loud. "because you know they put out". HA! my kinda humor

Posted by: Sara at October 21, 2009 08:34 PM (mjMky)


I admit it - I worn "granny" pants during my prego times.  I couldn't stand anything cutting into me either.  When not going out of the house, I stuck to gowns or my hubs huge t-shirts, it was just more comfortable.

Always do what works for you and you will be just fine

And I agree with Sara & Heather, Chuck's comment - ROFLMAO.

Posted by: LMT at October 22, 2009 10:04 AM (leJhY)

5 I have something to admit here. Probably it's because of my age but...
I have never understood how anyone could stand to wear bikini underwear, it is way toooooo much like the old sanitary belts (especially thongs) we had to wear back in the day.   I feel the same about the under the belly pants, even the higher than that but not up to the waist type. I guess I'm just too used to my comfortable ways.
BTW I will be 73 next Monday!  I do go wayyyy back.

Posted by: Ruth H at October 22, 2009 11:46 AM (zlUde)

6 Hahahahah, who I turn to most.  I laugh every time I hear it, and think of the guy on Fox whose name I am totally drawing a blank on.  Maybe the WH is sending me subliminal messages while I sleep to steer clear of Fox?

I didn't like under the belly, but did like right across the belly.  Over the belly was okay.  I'm sure people mean well, but the only thing you need while pregnant is a good body pillow and a clear path to the bathroom.  After baby, forget all the cute clothes with thousands of snaps and get the gowns so when you are changing the 100th diaper for the day it is easier on you. 

Posted by: Army Blogger Wife at October 22, 2009 05:15 PM (q+eXI)

7 You have figured out the key to being a good mom WAYYYYY before I did!  DO YOUR OWN THING!  GREAT advice!    By the way, I'm with you on the pants.  The only pants that worked for me were the over the belly ones as well, but because I was carrying WAY HIGH and the under belly ones fell off of me! 

Posted by: Stacy at October 23, 2009 04:15 PM (qlReK)


My favorite was overalls.  And flip flops.

Beware of the advice.  When I was pregnant with my first, I was pretty stupid, but thought I was smart.  I got really tied into doing 'what everyone else' was doing, or the timelines that were soooo important....  Having to breast feed or weining or getting rid of the binky or bottle, walking, talking, potty training....  Every kid is different and each has his/her own timeline.  Don't worry about it!  Of course, the whole breast feeding until 9 years old is, uhm, creepy.  And another thing....

Breast feeding sucks ass, too.

Posted by: Allicadem at October 23, 2009 06:45 PM (1UtZE)

9 I can't find them on the website, but I had some Motherhood maternity stretch pants that were the BEST PREGNANCY PANTS IN THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD.   I had two pair, and I rotated them frequently.


They still have some very nice styles, though not the plain black stretch pants I have.  Just be aware that an XL in Motherhood shirt language is a M in normal-person (non-pregnant normal-person, at that) language.  Their shirts have NO boob space.  That is a maternity clothes company FAIL.  How can you make maternity clothes, and not leave tons of boob space???  I just don't understand . . .

Sorry, tangent.   Despite the shortcomings in their shirts, their pants are unparalleled in the comfort department.  I recommend going to your nearest Motherhood store and trying stuff on.  They're kind of pricey, but they are SOOO worth the money.

Posted by: Deltasierra at October 26, 2009 02:52 PM (D4fxj)

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