June 23, 2011


My hormone levels doubled like they ought to.  The only other time that's ever happened for me was with BabyGrok.  So maybe this is BabyGrok2.  It's looking like it might be...I feel icky and tired and hot.  (Caveat: it's 100 degrees here, so that could be a factor as well.)

Anyway, I have an ultrasound in two weeks to make sure, but I think we might have another head's-up penny here.

For the next two weeks, I am going to pretend I am having a baby.  When is it too early to wear maternity clothes?  Because I have a pot belly that could pass for pregnant already...

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June 20, 2011


The nurse who used to "help" me at the fertility clinic is gone, and the new nurse is super nice.  Last pregnancy and this one, she's been really accommodating.  They've offered me the moon both times: as many blood-draws and ultrasounds as I want.  And the ironic thing is that, the more frequently you're pregnant, the less crucial it feels.  I have come to the zen state that either I will be pregnant for 9 months or for about 3 weeks, and it is what it is.  No amount of kangaroo pouch peeking will change anything.  So I thanked them but told them not to waste their resources.  I will get my blood checked twice this week and then an ultrasound later to look for a heartbeat.  I appreciate their attentiveness, but I have really embraced the weird idea that all my babies' lifespans are predetermined long before I even know they exist, and whether I know the lifespan or not doesn't change anything.

Aren't you impressed with how zen I've become?  I grok the miracle of life.

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June 19, 2011


Pregnant again.  Sixth time, for all of us who've lost track (I have to pause and count frequently.)  Fingers crossed that it's the happiest Father's Day gift ever.

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