February 08, 2010


Nothing has changed from Wednesday until now, and yet it feels like everything has changed.  I keep having to remind myself that nothing has...

The same symptoms I had on Wednesday are now magnified and making me paranoid.  I feel exactly the same and yet now I am IN LABOR and getting freaked out over every twinge.

But I have kinda gotten over the freakout hump and feel better today.

Except I've lost three pounds since Wednesday.

And it starts all over again...

I am still in bed.  My husband is snowed in in Afghanistan, which would be hilarious if it weren't so surreal.  My mother is hobbling around on a broken foot after driving 21 hours straight in a snowstorm to get to my side.

And then the dog ate her blood pressure meds.

It's been a heck of a weekend!

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1 Don't forget that I also set off the alarm system when I let Charlie out this morning.  Boy, I'm sure a big help! ha!

Posted by: Nancy at February 08, 2010 01:44 PM (gWUle)

2 Thank goodness it's Monday? But, with Mom starting out the week with the alarm system incident, it may be a long week. Life is stranger than fiction. My husband says boredom is highly underrated. Maybe you'll have a few boring days!!

Posted by: Pamela at February 08, 2010 02:49 PM (yLosW)

3 It seems you have the makings for a great sitcom going on. Keep that sense of humor, sounds like Mom may have a good one ,too.
I was hoping we would have reports of labor and delivery since we hadn't heard for several days.
Keep up the good work , labor on (pun intended) and have a great delivery and happy baby.

Posted by: Ruth H at February 08, 2010 03:46 PM (YpblU)

4 Hang in there! Good luck with the new baby. I set me alarm off all the time. The company pretty much knows by now it is only me.

Posted by: juliannah at February 08, 2010 03:57 PM (UCijG)


With my first child, I had my first physical exam at 39 weeks and I was 100% effaced and 3 cm dilated.  I was still going to work.  I worked for the rest of that week and I finally told everyone I would work from home because it was making everyone nervous.  Especially the women who had had c-sections, some of whom never made it to 3 cm.  My son was born the day before his due date. My water broke at 1:30 AM and I wasn't feeling regular contractions until 2:30 AM.  He was born at 5:55 AM. It was surreal, but also nice to start out labor 30% of the way there.

I hope your labor goes as fast and as safely as mine did, but only once your sweet husband is here!

Good luck.

Posted by: Christa at February 08, 2010 04:33 PM (2qSbp)

6 Sarah, how did you lose three pounds in five days?

Posted by: Amritas at February 08, 2010 06:00 PM (+nV09)

7 Amritas -- I wish I knew so I could gain them back...I didn't have that many to lose at this point.

Posted by: Sarah at February 08, 2010 07:21 PM (gWUle)

8 Sarah, I am glad your mom is there w/you. I wish your husband was too. My neighbor is supposed to have her baby on Wed - We're supposed to get another 10-20 inches of snow on top of the 28+ we got over the weekend. I am not sure how she will get to the hospital, but I am hoping you are not getting the same weather. I suspect you're worrying and causing yourself stress, hence the weight loss. Enjoy the time w/your mom and I hope your husband gets home soon. Is he just home for R&R or will he be here to stay for awhile? Do you have another appt this week? Don't let them do any internal exams, you don't want them moving you along faster by poking around in there! 

Posted by: Keri at February 08, 2010 09:54 PM (dtvJC)

9 Don't worry about being in labor--unless you hear high pitched crying.  Then it may be time to go to the doctor.

Posted by: Chuck at February 08, 2010 11:12 PM (bMH2g)


Sarah:  I'm keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers as you wait for your precious daughter and your DH to arrive!  I'm so glad your mom is there with you!


Posted by: Mary at February 08, 2010 11:42 PM (MZGTX)

11 Goodness gracious! I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Posted by: Val L. at February 09, 2010 07:51 AM (F4Qv7)

12 Soon you'll have both your husband and little girl in your arms. My prayers go with you and your family.

Posted by: tink at February 09, 2010 01:46 PM (0SnNh)

13 For real? Charley ate the medicine? That's just crazy! And a broken foot and an eager baby? I'm praying for ya pumpkin and sending you happy thoughts!

Posted by: Darla at February 10, 2010 12:43 AM (XvIN7)

14 Maybe the weightloss is partially muscle loss from laying around so much...?

Posted by: FbL at February 11, 2010 01:24 AM (HyNTm)

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