February 04, 2010


I spoke too soon: I will probably not make it a month.

I had an appointment today with my first physical exam.  The baby is head-down, ready to go, and so am I: I'm dilated and effaced like I'm already in labor the baby should arrive any day now.  In fact, the NP said to be ready any day now.

Baby doesn't seem to want to wait for Daddy.

My mother is leaving tonight as fast as she can.  A friend is coming to stay the night with me tonight, just in case.  And I had decided that I just needed to put myself on bed-rest and try to stay calm...

And then the phone rang.

Two soldiers in my husband's company were killed.

On the one hand, that gave me remarkable perspective.  My husband may not make it home in time for the baby's birth, but at least he still may make it home.  This other family is not as fortunate: that soldier won't be coming home to his pregnant wife. 

On the other hand, it just stressed me out even more...

Please, baby, wait two weeks.  Then you can do whatever you want.

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1 At 36 week I was dilated and effaced and my doctor said any day now too.  At 38 weeks I was told to have my bag ready and all of the numbers by the phone.  The day before her due date the contractions started and she was born 28 hours later on her due date.  When she is ready she will come, and not a minute sooner!!!  

Posted by: Tracey at February 04, 2010 07:31 PM (x+F0t)

2 Oh, and you look beautiful!!!!!!  

Posted by: Tracey at February 04, 2010 07:32 PM (x+F0t)

3 I'm glad you're not alone.

My mother is leaving tonight as fast as she can.  A friend is coming to stay the night with me tonight, just in case.

I just wish your husband were also with you.

Listen to your mother, Baby Grok. Even after you're born!

Posted by: Amritas at February 04, 2010 07:37 PM (TZltr)


Ahhh, Sarah.  I went "into labor" 5 weeks early, standing in the cold waiting for a  bus that never came in the dead of winter in Wisconsin.  Called a cab to take me to admissions. They had me prepped and all, just knowing IT was going to happen because I was dialated and efaced! *giggles*  Sent me home the next morning, told me it would be another couple of weeks.  I actually went 2 1/2 weeks over my due date.

Don't folks know, that babies don't know how to use a calender or a stop-watch yet?  Babies will come when they are dayum good and ready.  Just the way it is.

I do hope she hangs in, though, so her daddy can be there for her and you!

Sending up my prayers and well wishes for y'all.


Posted by: jw at February 04, 2010 07:45 PM (spEu4)

5 Praying.   For you.  And Baby.  And your Husband.  And timing.  And those in his Company. 

Posted by: Val at February 04, 2010 07:54 PM (JPt9E)

6 I second Val's comment.

Posted by: Lucy at February 04, 2010 08:49 PM (YNvUz)

7 Yeah. What Val said. (((HUGS)))

Posted by: Amber at February 04, 2010 09:47 PM (EQFJJ)

8 Make that a triple, please.

John Elway Baby, listen to your mama!

Posted by: Lissa at February 04, 2010 09:51 PM (mgjM7)

9 Amen to Val's prayers.  And for what its worth, my last baby came 5 weeks after the doc said he could come anytime, that would have been early, as it turned out he was a week overdue.  My mother had left younger children at home to come stay with me and mine, pretty touchy situation.  Hope you stay preggers long enough for hubby to get home. It is definitely a bittersweet day for you. 

Posted by: Ruth H at February 04, 2010 10:14 PM (YpblU)

10 Again, what Val said.

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at February 04, 2010 10:23 PM (vqKnu)

11 Wow. Fingers crossed and prayers for all.

Posted by: sharona at February 04, 2010 11:09 PM (BeRta)

12 Sarah,

I'd tell you to keep your knees together, but if you had done that in the first place...

I hope Mr. Grok is okay, and I know how he feels--and know  the empathy you have for the families of his men.

But right now, you must focus on you, and the minigrok.  Keep the bun in the oven, the cat in the bag, and try not to sneeze or fart to hard.  There will be a time to share with, grieve with, and heal with your army families.  You are on bed rest.  You can't take it upon yourself to do all those protocol/white glove nonsenses.  Of course you want to be there with and for them, but nothing you can do or say will make it better--just make sure they have someone who can be there if they need them.  Offer to make arrangements for them if need be, but it can't be your responsibility.

And you may want to consider a rubber bedsheet for you, and trying to stay off the furniture.

Posted by: Chuck at February 04, 2010 11:16 PM (bMH2g)

13 Prayers for all involved... bittersweet, indeed.


Posted by: Nicki at February 04, 2010 11:50 PM (fqQct)

14 I was dilating and effaced and told "any day now" on July 1. Baby Boy #1 came on July 29!!  Hang in there, she may take two weeks to decide she's really ready to meet the world.  My body has a tendency to slowly get ready for labor by doing a bunch of dilating and effacing before labor and delivery actually starts. So, while I started the process 2-3 weeks before my due date, both boys were born AFTER their due dates! LOL  Babies have their own unique ways of doing things and they always surprise you.

Posted by: Tracy S at February 05, 2010 10:01 AM (3N/bf)

15 Hugs and love sent your way!

Posted by: LMT at February 05, 2010 10:24 AM (fo1vw)


take care of yorueself and relax as much as you can.  I am praying that your guy gets home safe and sound and as quickly as possible. 

I will add to the stories from others.  My 4th baby, I had a rescue cerclage at 31 weeks and then total bedrest.  Birth was imminent and had to be stopped so I wouldn't have a preterm baby. At 36 weeks they removed the cerclage and I was told that I might go into labor within an hour. I ran around doing my thing for another 2 weeks....when they induced me.  

Posted by: Sheila at February 05, 2010 02:50 PM (ju0Yo)

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