January 15, 2009


This is Lindsey Graham, speaking about/to Obama:

This president's popularity and the respect that he has earned throughout the world gives America a chance to re-engage not only in the region, but in a way that will in the long term make this job easier, take some pressure off our troops. And that's a compliment to you and the way you have campaigned.

I'm sorry, but what the frick has Obama done to earn respect throughout the world? He hasn't earned squat; he was just automatically given it by nature of being a Democrat and the kind of douchebag who blathers on and on about transnational progressivism. He hasn't earned a damn thing because he's been on the political scene for about five minutes.

Holy hell, I find that annoying. It's one thing to be polite to the office of the presidency; it's a whole nother thing to fawn all over the opposition as if they're so much better than we are.


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1 Yeah, well, Lindsey Graham makes me barf harder than Obama, too. What a panderer. Obama wasn't given the Presidency simply because he was a Democrat, although the press certainly helped. He bought the Presidency, by disabling the tracking features for online credit cards and accepting foreign donations. Those buy a lot of airspace, including a 24/7 channel on cable and satellite. Idiots who sit home in front of the tube all day get fired up about that stuff just like Home Shopping Network. They don't watch the news to find out that they should be clinging to their guns and religion. Follow the money. Hello, George Soros, anyone?

Posted by: Betsy Wuebker at January 15, 2009 08:16 AM (/yC9R)

2 "Earning" is an obsolete Europpresive concept. To each according to his need! Obama needs respect! So give it! Obama has not "been on the political scene for about five minutes." He was first elected to the Illinois senate in 1996. His golden record puts Palin's to shame. The South Side of Chicago is only second to Allah's paradise, whereas Alaska is dying from global burning. it's a whole nother thing to fawn all over the opposition as if they're so much better than we are. But we are better. We won. We will always win. We offer free lunches. Free everything. Try beating that. You can't. You can only support us. You already are. Where do you think your tax dollars are going? To us, because we deserve it. We are the real American people. The best of us love to rule and the rest of us love to be ruled. Can you see Howard Roark in the picture? No? Then don't waste time on foolish questions. Every thing that can't be ruled, must go. And if freaks persist in being born occasionally, they will not survive beyond their fourteenth year. When their brain begins to function, it will feel the pressure and it will explode. The pressure gauged to a vacuum. Do you know the fate of deep-sea creatures brought out to sunlight? So much for future Roarks. The rest of you will smile and obey. - nonpersyn "A" The Bushaitanic night is almost over. The Barackian sun is on the horizon. The end of the capitalist vampires is at hand. Graham recognizes that his time's almost up and is acting accordingly. We are not his "opposition." We - and he - are one. We are Society. What are you?

Posted by: kevin at January 15, 2009 09:01 AM (+nV09)

3 We - and he - are one. Holy Shit. I thought The Borg wouldn't appear until 2373.

Posted by: airforcewife at January 15, 2009 09:19 AM (Fb2PC)

4 Why wait almost four centuries, AFW? Be a bOrg. pOwer can be yours. Just pretend whatever you want is for the peOple, and they'll vOte for you. It's a formula that has led to perpetual victory for the One Party of the Sovereign Kingdom. Obama just visited his sacred homeland and we hope he replicates our ways on a national scale. Imagine all of America becoming one gigantic People's Republic of Hawai'i - one huge bOrg colony. Resistance is futile!

Posted by: kevin at January 15, 2009 09:51 AM (+nV09)

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