January 28, 2010


I didn't watch the entire State of the Union speech last night; I only caught the last 20 minutes.  But what struck me the most in the instant I turned the TV on was something Mark Steyn mentions:

One problem, as Jay pointed out, is that upturned chin. Just as a matter of angles, it looks wrong on TV. So it would be a problem for Hillary or McCain or Ron Paul or whoever would have won. But it's worse for Obama because it plays into the aloof-and-arrogant meme. I don't know why he does it. Are the prompters notched up a hole too high? What's the deal? Why doesn't one of his supersmart advisers get out the wrench and lower them?

He looks like a pompous ass when he speaks.  That makes it hard not to hear everything he says through the pompous ass filter.

And I loved this Kevin Hassett idea:

Watching him list one costly agenda item after another, I couldn’t help feeling that we need a constitutional amendment that requires politicians to start promises with the words “I want to take your money and.” It might be that such a rule would constrain them, since I can’t imagine anyone having the courage to say, “I want to take your money and use it to pay off the college loan for that rich kid down the block,” and “I want to take your money and use it to help your plumber buy a new wrench.”

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January 27, 2010


I knew all the teleprompter jokes already and had just taken them as lighthearted ribbing, but this is getting ridiculous.  A teleprompter for the elementary school?  And now this...for a briefing with like 15 people?  Wow.  It's beyond silly now.  It's frightening how this man cannot speak without TOTUS.

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January 26, 2010


How's that CHANGE working out for you?
Democrats Can Dole Out No-Bid Contracts, Too

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January 21, 2010


Raise your hand if you're sick and tired of the Democrats using the but-we-have-to-undo-eight-years-of-Bush excuse for everything...  If we were playing a drinking game, we'd all be hammered.

I was too young to pay attention, but did Reagan do this?  Did Reagan gripe and moan about how he had to fix everything Carter had screwed up?  I mean, he campaigned right in the middle of a hostage situation, for heaven's sake.  Was his excuse for everything "but Carter did it"?  I don't see how Obama thinks we're buying his line that Bush doubled the deficit, so it's OK for him to quadruple it.

And then there's this, via Oda Mae:

And, it turns out that the president received a high-level briefing just three days before said crotch bomber attack about possible holiday period terrorist attacks against the U.S. I suppose we could say, “Give the guy a break. He’s only been in office a year.” Yet GWB hadn’t been in office a year, and he was relentlessly berated for not stopping 9/11 before it happened, with critics citing the fact that he received a briefing while on vacation a month before, warning that Osama bin Laden and company were planning on hijacking a U.S. airliner.

Bush was handed a mess in the Middle East by Bill Clinton, yet he didn't go on TV constantly after 9/11 and talk about how it was all Clinton's fault.  When we lost bin Laden, Bush didn't constantly remind the American public that Clinton had once had the chance to get him, so really it was all Clinton's fault.

Ugh, give it a rest already.  You've been president for a year; it's your show now.  Start acting like a grown-up.

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January 10, 2010


A good comment over at American Thinker:

I heard Obama use this phrase the other day: "intimately passionate".

Seems strange, as the accepted way to convey that meaning would be to say "deeply passionate", and the adjective deeply would be the proper one required by any copy editor.
And remember when Obama said "...calibrate my words". All the William Safire (RIP) types fell out of their chairs.

So, is Obama the master of malapropisms, the Norm Crosby of national politics?

I remember being completely befuddled by "calibrate my words."  Didn't Bush get an enormous amount of grief for every vocabulary misuse?  And even the invention of the word Bushisms?  Obama's just as bad.

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