February 07, 2008


OK, I'm irritable. Our state primary isn't until May. May, for pete's sake. Nothin' like having zero say at all in the primary process. I imagine my choices will be McCain and Pon Raul. Gee, thanks.

So in theory, Michigan was right. Even though they forfeited their delegates, they still got to influence the outcome. They get no votes later, but at least they got the media reaction. Meanwhile, states like mine get nothing at all, no influence, no delegates that matter.

So we still have about 20 states left, and it's done. And my candidate was out after only six states. Maybe if the primaries weren't spread out over five freaking months, he might've had a better chance. Or someone would've had a better chance. More importantly, people would've voted for the candidate they agreed with, not the candidate that the media steered them towards by telling them their first choice had no shot.

Not happy.

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1 Sarah - Your sentiments are why I like the British election system. The "ruling" party declares elections and six weeks later, BOOM (said very Maddenlike) its done. Saves a gzillion dollars in campaign spending, (not to mention tax-payer funded matching funds). Better yet. one hardly has time to develop a hatred for ALL the candidates...And...imagine this...key Senators won't be missing as many key votes, which, by the way, we are paying them $169,300 per year to tend to. Having said all that, I think Romney did an actual service to his country today. He pretty much told the consrvatives of this country to deal with it, John McCain is the nominee. And he's given us plenty of time to get used to it. Would that Huckabee would do the same. At this point - the point itself becomes to defeat Clinton and Obama for the fatuous, megalomaniacal pinheads that they are. At least our Soldiers will have a CIC who gets the GWOT. If we are very very fortunate...perhaps we will spend the next several weeks/months watching the dems tear themselves apart over which special demographic interest group is more deserving of the guilt and clueless votes.

Posted by: Tim Fitzgerald at February 07, 2008 03:51 PM (Nki/C)

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