June 19, 2009


Here's another toldyaso for Bush's breakfast table, this time from Andrew Sullivan:

We need to start confronting the president at his events. We need civil disobedience. We need to tell him we do not want another fricking speech where he tells us he is a fierce advocate for our rights, when that is quite plainly at this point not true. [...] I worked my ass off to get this man to power.

Now don't get me wrong, I am happy that Democrats are pointing out Obama's flaws.  I did the same with Bush.  (Oh, and that link is hilarious: Andrew Sullivan was a different man five years ago.)  I encourage Democrats to speak out when their guy is not representing them.  I want them to see Pres Obama for who he really is, not some blank slate they project onto.

But I find the "this isn't the change we could believe in" remorse to be amusing.

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1 They simply weren't paying attention if they are now surprised by what he is doing. Shame on them.

Posted by: tim at June 19, 2009 03:40 PM (nno0f)


Whenever I see Toldyaso on your blog I think of this episode of Will and Grace where Debbie Reynolds is singing and doing a little dance.

I find it amusing too, but also a little frightening that so much of the country had their collective heads up their rears in the first place.

Posted by: Mare at June 20, 2009 10:48 AM (HUa8I)

3 "We need to start confronting the president at his events."

Sullivan should also be saying,

"We need to start asking ourselves, what were we thinking? Were we thinking?"

I have not read Sullivan in years. This piece makes him sound like a one-issue guy (which he isn't). It embodies identity politics. It's all about my X-ness, and I'm gonna be unhappy until others affirm my rights as an X.

But when you hear Democrats criticize Obama, keep in mind that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Many readers of this site might think Obama goes too far, but some of Obama's Democrat critics think he doesn't go far enough.

Posted by: Amritas at June 20, 2009 09:05 PM (x4B1D)

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