August 31, 2004


I hear Rudy Giuliani was a hit. I can't watch the RNC here, so I have to read it, and I like what I read. And you know what else I like? I like having a president who's uncomfortable with the Queen of England and completely at home with a crew of construction workers. But maybe that's just me.


Thanks, NightHawk. It was even better to watch than to read.

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1 Character. I would guess that even William F. Buckley would feel the same as Bush. Not Kennedy. Not Kerry. Not Hillary, although Bill might.

Posted by: Mike at August 31, 2004 07:48 AM (MqNKC)

2 Take a look at C-Span ( They have the video of Rudy's speech.

Posted by: NightHawk at August 31, 2004 10:19 AM (jy9sQ)

3 Rudy Giuliani said in a past presidential race that he would find it hard to back any candidate who favored repealing the federal assault weapons ban: Someone who now voted to roll back the assault-weapons ban would really be demonstrating that special interest politics mean more to them than life-or-death issues. Hmmm...And Bush supported the extention of the ban back in 2000, but now he is going to let it expire on Sept 13th. Sounds like some people are flip-flopping.

Not to mention the fact that you have no idea who Giuliani really is. As long as he pays lip service to your Bush, you don't care about anything else.

P.S. I didn't see anything about Bush's latest...reversal... "Can we win the war on terror? I don't think you can win it."

Posted by: rfidtag at August 31, 2004 10:56 AM (XxIKf)

4 "Can we win the war on terror? I don't think you can win it." I'm of the opinion he means it in the same way that we haven't defeated Nazism, or Stalinism. They're still there, but they're in a situation like the one Bush describes in the rest of the quote. Kalroy

Posted by: kalroy at August 31, 2004 12:52 PM (q1aeu)

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