February 04, 2009


Tom Elia at The New Editor:

At the dawn of the Obama Administration we have witnessed: four high-level appointees blow up over various issues, tax and otherwise (Richardson, Daschel, and Killefer get axed; Geitner stays); the appointment of at least 12 lobbyists to positions in the Administration -- in direct contradiction of campaign promises; a pork-laden economic stimulus bill without precedent in US history; and the reversal of campaign positions concerning controversial policies like rendition.

The first couple of weeks of the Obama Administration has simply reinforced my stated belief that the Obama campaign and subsequent election represents the biggest, most successful political con of my lifetime.

(via Instapundit)

And a hilarious comment from JorgXMcKie:

Democrats remind me of the old story about a baseball player-manager who pulled his right fielder from the game after the right fielder had dropped two fly balls.

The manager put himself in right field, and promptly dropped three fly balls. When he returned to the bench he yelled at the player he had replaced, "See!! You screwed it up so bad nobody can play right field."

I expect to hear this over and over and over and over and over [...] as Obama screws up over and over and over and over and over.


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1 I love his stated belief. And share it.

Posted by: wifeunit at February 04, 2009 12:43 PM (t5K2U)

2 And yet Republicans think the media are liberal? Who reported this news about the appOintees? You pajama people don't do any firsthand reporting. (Michael Totten and Michael Yon are nonpersons who don't work for The Paper of Record, so they don't count.) If we really ran the media, those appOintees would end up like Lin Biao: The news of Lin Biao's plot and disappearance was withheld from the general public for nearly a year. When it did break, the people felt betrayed by Mao's "best pupil." That's how it always works. Set up your buddies as scapegoats. It's never the Great Leader's fault! It's the fault of the Gang of Four! The Gang of Four, together with disgraced Communist general Lin Biao, were labeled the two major "counter-revolutionary forces" of the Cultural Revolution and officially blamed for the worst excesses of the societal chaos that ensued during the ten years of turmoil. Their downfall in a coup d'état on October 6, 1976, a mere month after Mao's death, brought about major celebrations on the streets of Beijing and marked the end of a turbulent political era in China. Our Gang of Four could be Richardson, Daschel, Killefer, and Geitner. Pelosi had better watch out, lest she become the new Mme. Mao: Since then, Jiang Qing and Lin Biao have been branded by official historical documents in China as the "Lin Biao and Jiang Qing Counter-revolutionary Cliques" (Chinese: 林彪江青反革命集团 , to which most of the blame for the damage and devastation caused by the Cultural Revolution was assigned. Oh, and if we can't find any Democrat fall guys, we can always blame the feudal past. Bushaitan left "his" (gag) country in ruins. So Omerica isn't perfect. You try reconstructing a wasteland. A trillion dollars is nowhere near enough. Come on, kulaks. 300 of you can show how patriOtic you really are. Pay up! The best thing is, regardless of whatever you do, it will still be your fault! In 2012, 2016, and for decades to come, we'll praise Obama's nOble intentions and denounce you for standing in his way!

Posted by: kevin at February 05, 2009 08:47 AM (+nV09)

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