May 20, 2007


Last night we watched The Last King of Scotland, and I was so disgusted at the end of the movie that I lost sleep over it. Yes, I know the story portrayed is fiction, but Idi Amin was most certainly real.

What disgusts me the most is that there are rulers out there like Amin, yet people persist in calling President Bush evil. Have we no sense of evil? People in North Korea are eating children, but some American citizens can't stand to be associated with the American flag.

Google gets 1,850,000 hits for "George Bush evil" but only 178,000 for "Idi Amin evil." 65,700 for Arafat; 623,000 for Kim Jong-Il; and 264,000 for Mugabe.

We make me sick.

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1 I think you're missing the larger point here. The US did not go into Iraq to get rid of a cruel ruler. The war was because of WMD which have not yet materialized. The reason for war has now morphed into the whole "getting rid of a cruel ruler". On the other hand, if we are talking about cruel rulers and exploitation of people, why has the US only targeted Iraq, when there are numerous other countries out there in the same - if not worse - conditions: Sudan, North Korea, Tibet, etc.

Posted by: aidan at May 22, 2007 04:18 AM (KFGe9)

2 On the contrary, I think you're missing the point. The word "evil" shouldn't be associated more frequently with "Bush" than with honest-to-god despots. No matter what one thinks of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the word "evil" really shouldn't enter into it.

Posted by: Sarah at May 22, 2007 05:27 AM (vrR+j)

3 Forget it, Sarah. He's just trying to feed the meme. He probably didn't even read your article, just saw "Bush" and "evil" and then started pasting...

Posted by: Patrick Chester at May 23, 2007 02:24 PM (MKaa5)

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