November 05, 2009


I've heard and read many discussions on whether Pres Obama has got us in this handbasket on purpose or on accident.  But I think this is an interesting twist to the question:

Jim Vicevich at the link thinks that Obama has a core set of principles that run to the hard Left, but has kept them hidden thus far.  Why?  Jim argues that Obama couldn’t get elected on those principles, and so he has kept them hidden while pushing them through his legislative agenda.

Actually, I think Todd is closer to it.  Obama wanted to be President, not to lead, but just to win.  Now that he has won, he has no core set of governing principles other than what impacts Barack Obama.  He has offered no leadership on any part of his agenda all year long, content to have Nancy Pelosi run it for him.  His foreign policy thus far consists entirely of making himself personally popular with the world.  On Afghanistan, Obama has thus far allowed Robert Gates and David Petraeus to make his decisions, only balking at the moment because the McChrystal strategy puts him at odds with his base, which could erode his popularity.

Does Barack Obama have deeply-held principles that he wanted to apply to the country, or did he just want to be president?

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1 The absurd part is that one year in we have no idea what the answer to that question is!  My impression so far is that he thinks it's good to be king. 

If he had been serious about achieving any of his goals, he'd have had plans ready to go.  I mean, if you've been working your whole adult life to be in charge and change things - wouldn't you have a blueprint in your head of how to do it once you're actually in charge.  Hell, I've got blueprints and I'll never be in charge!

Posted by: Beth at November 05, 2009 10:42 AM (ZT9NN)

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