July 27, 2006


The husband and I have been watching some old Ali G shows on TV lately. We're always amazed at the utter garbage that he can get people to say; I can't believe that the guests don't smell a rat. My husband also constantly wonders about The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, how they can trick their guests into sounding so stupid. I guess I know part of the reason now: Wexler falls into a comedic interviewer's trap -- and he's not laughing. I feel sorry for the people who do these shows because they come off looking like complete idiots. Ali G isn't even fun to watch, because who really wants to see someone make Buzz Aldrin look like a fool?

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1 Okay - fuck politics Sarah. Let's talk TV: Neither Ali G, the Daily show NOR The Colbert Report "trick" their guests into sounding stupid. These shows invite guests/politicians on, which the guests/politicians accept because they want the exposure and think it's only a comedy, and then these shows merely throw the guests/politicians off by asking real questions. Remember when Colbert asked that Republican Senator (the one who was wanting the ten commandments displayed in court rooms) to actually NAME the ten commandments. THE GUY DIDN'T KNOW THEM! That's not tricking somebody into sounding stupid - that's letting somebody who sounds stupid anyway just speak. They don't "smell" Ali G because he doesn't "smell." And certainly, if he did, it wouldn't be like a rat. It would probabaly be a British cologne of some sort. Ali G merely brings out the obvious about his guests. And guess what? If you're smart, you LOOK SMART. I've seen it a million times on his show. If you actually are well grounded and know what you're talking about, that's how it looks. If you're an idiot- if you're a bunch of rednecks at a country bar - then Ali G will simply reflect how stupid you are. Did you catch the episode where he plays music at a country bar in Utah (I think) with a guitar rendition of "Throw the Jew Down the Well so my Country can be Free" ? The crowd sings along and loves it. They're unknowing rednecks. Also, that latest Colbert thing. NEWSFLASH: Wexler is actually smart and has a good sense of humour. This is exactly what the segment looks like to rational people. Only the knee-jerk idiots think Wexler performed badly. Colbert made him look GOOD. Sad?? Don't be sad Sarah. Everyone else is laughing.

Posted by: Will at July 27, 2006 02:28 PM (eIQfa)

2 Will, You have such a nasty, cynical, belligerent attitude. I enjoy good old-fashioned debate and differences of opinion, but you just get downright ornery. Wish you'd tone it down a bit. There's no need to be so angry-sounding. Sarah's Mom

Posted by: Nancy at July 27, 2006 07:32 PM (SHVUj)

3 You're right. Sorry.

Posted by: Will at July 27, 2006 08:39 PM (eIQfa)

4 One of the biggest assets a personal website can have is the faithful readership and participation of the author's mom. It works for me, anyway. =) Sig

Posted by: Sig at July 28, 2006 04:45 AM (fretz)

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