October 19, 2009


A very good point:

John Podhoretz once remarked that all conservatives are bilingual: We speak both conservative and liberal. Liberals are monolingual, because they can afford to be. To the Obama crowd, Fox News is a foreign tongue. The “mainstream” tongue? Well, we all grew up with it, were taught in it.

When conservatives hear liberal bias, they say, “Yeah, so? The sun rises in the east.” When liberals hear conservative bias, or even a point or bit of news uncongenial to liberals, they’re apt to say, “Eek, a mouse!”

This is the same thing that makes liberals say that Rush is probably a racist even though there's no proof.  They think they understand how we think, when they're generally pretty far off the mark.

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1    I had not read this before...good catch S! 

Posted by: MaryIndiana at October 19, 2009 11:47 PM (2wHMS)

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