October 02, 2004


I love when the bias is so ingrained that people can't even see it. My German co-worker said yesterday that the German media was reporting that Kerry had won the debate. I said that I hadn't seen the program, but that everything I had read had called it a draw. I said that people who like Bush generally gave him the edge, while people who like Kerry said that he had won. She said that Germany didn't really have a preference in the American presidential election, so they were just reporting objectively. I wanted to laugh my fool head off, but instead I casually mentioned the polls that show overwhelming German support for Kerry. And I printed this out for her. How can she not see the elephant in the room that is Europe's love for Kerry?

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1 Makes sense to me. The Eurotrash prefer good debaters to good soldiers. That is why the UN is the world's biggest debating society, and the world's least useful institution!

Posted by: Tanker Schreiber at October 02, 2004 01:29 PM (ejMHq)

2 Your point about the Germans is probably true, but not proven in this case -- because the President did lose the debate.

Posted by: Herostratus at October 03, 2004 02:30 AM (ygBH5)

3 It's not a matter of who won or lost, but what was said. I find the words, "global test" before we can defend America to be truly frightening. Those two words signify the death of America, and in that regard Kerry might have won for himself in the debate, but it also means America will be the loser in the end. So it isn't a battle between Bush and Kerry, but a battle between Kerry and America.

Posted by: Moor at October 03, 2004 01:54 PM (g8OfD)

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