August 04, 2004


I just finished reading the gloomy and foreboding article The Terror Web (via LGF). If you can read that article and not think that the terrorist threat is real and frightening, then we have no common ground at all.

One passage from the article struck me in particular:

And yet, according to Spanish police officials, at the time of the Madrid attacks there was not a single Arabic-speaking intelligence agent in the country. Al Qaeda was simply not seen as a threat to Spain. “We never believed we were a real target,” a senior police official said. “That’s the reality.”

Where's the 3/11 commission report in Spain? Where's the Fahrenheit 3/11 movie to expose the ineptitude of Spanish intelligence and law enforcement? Where's the outrage that "The goverment lied; people died!" when Spain continued to blame the attack on the ETA long after they knew it smelled of Islamism?

Oh wait...nevermind.

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1 Hmmmm . . . Did you read the part where the terrorists say they wish Bush to win the election?

Posted by: richard at August 04, 2004 07:41 AM (dY+QS)

2 Yeah, I thought that was interesting too. Not the response I would have expected...

Posted by: Sarah at August 04, 2004 09:44 AM (/DG1j)

3 I didn't see anywhere in the article the wish by terrorist for Bush to win the election. Did I just miss it somehow? Also Sarah, the reason no one is chanting 'The government lied; people died!" is because the government that lied was kicked out of power just a few days following the bombings. Despite the length of the article the length of time it covers from the bombing to the election in Spain was less than a week.

Posted by: dc at August 04, 2004 01:20 PM (s6c4t)

4 It was Bush ally Anzar who was doing the lying if you'll remember.

Posted by: dave at August 04, 2004 03:31 PM (YPYBE)

5 Right. And Anzars' close relationship to Bush had already hurt him in the credibility department. So when he started blaming ETA for the attacks the people were righteously angry and threw his sorry ass out of office.

Posted by: dc at August 04, 2004 07:58 PM (s6c4t)

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